Buy Door-Kart!!
$99.95 + S&H
Door dolly/Door carts: Easiest way to save $$on door installation! also drywall plywood countertops
*Note to Non-US orders:
Buyer pays all taxes and duties

The Door-Kart Advantage


The ultimate solution for moving

1 3/4 inch thick

commercial doors, countertops, and sheet goods

Door Carts can be used as a work station for hinge install. Use of a door dolly may reduce injury.
  • Lightweight, compact, durable aluminumDoor dollies/Door carts:  Reduce strain involved w/ door installation! drywall plywood counter top
  • Rolls smoothly with long lasting semi-pneumatic rubber tired wheels
  • Door rides in protective cushioned lining
  • Serves as workstation for door preparation
  • May reduce job related injuries
  • Increases productivity on the job, which reduces labor cost!
A door cart is a great tool addition for any tradesman that does commercial doors installation, hauls drywall/sheetrock or plywood, or installs countertops. It allows you to safely transport these materials with the door dolly by yourself. Door carts divert the weight of the doors or other construction goods off of your back and arms and onto the dolly. This diversion of weight means that door dollies may reduce injuries on their jobsites. The door dolly is made with quality, long lasting materials in the USA.
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